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For years, Hamid Mosaddegh has tried to single out the methodology of such an approach and to use it in his own posters. Most of his posters represent his personal view of concepts that we, humans, are engaged with or will engage with soon. In these posters, general concerns such as love, peace, immigration, greed, regret and sorrow, inner peace, hope and imagination, dreams and wishes, chat and demand, destruction, game of the time, motivation and frustration, inner and outer tensions, paths of life, equilibrium, temptation, sadness, happiness, and sympathy.

Forwards by Stephen Heller and Rene Wanner

first edition 2021
Pages: 120 pages
Language: English & Persian
Format: 14,8 x 21 cm
Features: Full color, Hardcover

Publisher: Maahomaa, Iran
ISBN 978-600-93528-5-2