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“In many times, the basis and idea of the final sign is in the heart of the first etudes, which the designer usually does not see and understand, and therefore continues to explore and search for the desired sign. In my opinion, this failure to see and understand is not due to the distraction and carelessness of the designer, but due to his mind not being ready to see all aspects of the sign. Time must pass and some steps must be taken to achieve this preparation.
All the efforts and ways and ways that are unnecessary and obsessive at first, finally bring the designer to the understanding and perspective that those ideas to see the original from a higher and better position and recover the hidden and inner powers of their forms and images.
For example, from this position, the basic details show themselves, with the help of which the same The initial etude comes to life and shows its personality and uniqueness.”

first edition 2021
Pages: 116 pages
Language: English & Persian
Format: 14,8 x 21 cm
Features: Full Color, Hardcover
Publisher: Maahomaa, Iran
ISBN 978-600-85481-4-0